Living the Dream

While everyone else wanted him to be the captain of the team, Jitu was contented with being a member of the football team for his school. He wasn’t the kind who was confident enough to lead a team. Moreover, football wasn’t his first interest. He was more into music. He would rather spend an entire day with his drum-sets than being on the ground kicking a ball. It’s not that he didn’t love football; it’s just that he couldn’t cheat on his first love – music!

So, for the Annual Day for his school, he chose to play for the team but only as a member, not as the captain. This would certainly mean lesser responsibilities for him. He could use his time in preparing for his performance for the cultural event to be held on the last day of the event.

Jitu was a drummer for the school band. He was a die-hard fan of rock music. He would practice every day at his place on the drum-set he had bought with his pocket money of six months.

His family didn’t support his interest in music. His father wanted him to be a footballer. It was his father’s wish to see his son play for the national team. But, Jitu had other plans.

While his family didn’t know about his dreams, he knew that he always had that thing in him to be a drummer. He didn’t give up on his dreams. He wanted to convince his father that he was born to be a drummer and not a footballer.

He had thought about the things he had to do. After the Annual Day events were over, Jitu was in his room one day. His father was happy that he had played for the school team.

That day, Jitu decided that it was time for him to get out of the cocoon. He sat in front of his desktop for one full hour and did everything he needed to do to get started. He signed up for a YouTube channel. He decided to promote his drumming skills and grow his channel. That would give him a base when he would one day confront his father and tell him about his dreams.

So, the next day he started filming himself playing the drums. He uploaded videos every day. It took him a while to get subscribers. But eventually, he started getting popular. YouTube offered him the platform where he could start his journey as a musician.

After three years of the channel, he had gained a huge subscriber base. His videos were trending on YouTube. Social Media promotions had done its job and Jitu was more than happy at what he had accomplished.

But now it was time for the big day. He decided that he would tell his father about his dreams. So, after a long thought of what he would say and anticipating his father’s reaction, he went ahead and shared his dream with his father.

His father was surprised to hear about it. It took Jitu a lot of effort to convince his father. He tried every possible trick to convince him. When nothing worked, he went back to his room silently.

A few minutes later, his father knocked on his door. Finding it open, he came in. He asked Jitu to show him the videos. Jitu sat on a chair silently while his father spent hours watching those videos. He observed how effortlessly Jitu played the instrument. It seemed to him as if he was watching some professional drummer. There was a glimpse of pride in his eyes.

After he had completed watching the videos, he came towards Jitu and patting him on his head, he said, “LIVE YOUR DREAM!”

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The Internet Wave In India

Internet is the biggest thing in India now. It is a revolution that is changing people’s lives and making businesses grow faster than ever before. From technological advances to ease of doing business, there are a lot of advantages of the internet. Considering the fact that internet in India is still in a growing stage, you can expect to see some major uses of the internet in your everyday life in the near future.

Growth of Internet in India

Internet reach in India is growing at a lightning-fast speed, thanks to Jio and its affordable mobile internet plans. Besides these, there are other things which are other factors which are bringing even more people to the world of internet.

Here are some of the things to consider for the exponential growth of internet in India.

1. Use of smart devices

With the increase in internet connectivity, there has been exponential growth in the number of internet users in India. The growing market of smart devices has made it more convenient for people to use internet.

2. Online shopping

As the number of internet users is increasing in India, e-commerce companies are focusing more on reaching out to more audience and grow their user base. This ultimately has led to more online shopping in India.

3. Job search

The search for new jobs brings a lot of new users to the online world. Jobs portals are making it easier for youth to get new jobs. This ultimately is leading to more internet users in India.

3. Business growth

Businesses are looking forward to getting themselves online. This means that the number of online businesses in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

Internet sources in India

Mobile Networks

The launch of the 4G network made it possible for the regular Indian consumer to use internet more than ever before. Cheap internet plans have made using internet more convenient now compared to a few years back. This has ultimately resulted in more time on the internet for Indians.

Broadband connections

Broadband connections were very rare in India at one point of time. However, with the launch of Fibernet plans by Jio, people have started getting new connections for broadband in India. This doesn’t just mean more internet users but also higher internet speed. So, in the next couple of years, you can expect internet connectivity to grow by manifold. Soon, we will see a day when the whole of India gets connected with the internet.


India is potentially going to become one of the biggest markets for internet marketers from all over the world. This is no longer a myth that India will be the next big sensation in the world wide web. If you are not already a part of this internet wave, this is the time for you to get started.